Working with schools

The Comino Foundation works in partnership with schools through its grantees: the Science & Engineering Education, Research and Innovation Hub at the University of Manchester, the Expansive Education Network, based at the Centre for Real World Learning at the University of Winchester, the Ideas Foundation and the RSA.

Each grantee establishes partnerships with schools which are interested in putting into practice the particular innovative approaches to learning which the grantee is developing.  These schools are usually, but not always, schools in the locality in which the grantee is based.  Often the schools themselves collaborate with each other to evaluate the impact of their innovative approaches to learning.

Among the schools we currently work with are:

In partnership with the Gordon Cook Foundation the Comino Foundation recently hosted a consultation at St George’s House Windsor, asking the question ‘What do we want from our schools’.  A  copy of this Windsor Consultation Feb 2015 is attached.

Working with schools
What are we really trying to achieve?