Our Work

Our work is based in a number of locations, where we support innovative practice designed to contribute to progress in our current priority areas: social opportunity, personal capabilities and practical, technical and vocational capability. The activities themselves may be small scale, initially designed to challenge and reinvigorate local practice, but the expectation is that they will contribute nationally to the development of thinking and practice.

When we are satisfied that the work has reached a point of development where it can be more widely disseminated, we share the outcomes through our network and through conferences, publications and consultations.

Our work includes:

Each year the Foundation hosts an overnight annual gathering at which each of its grantees provides an update of its work which is supported by the Foundation, shares their own development plans and gives insights into what is currently exciting them about being part of the Foundation’s ‘family’ of grantees.  This type of gathering (rare among charities) enables participants to identify opportunities for collaboration, with the result that they achieve more together than they would individually. It helps to extend and promote the vision of the Foundation and significantly increases its effectiveness.

Water Meadows
The 2010 Comino grantees’ gathering – the Water Meadows, Winchester