Developing personal capabilities

Dimitri Comino, founder of the Comino Foundation, built the success of his businesses by engaging himself and his staff in active questioning of all they did.  How and why were they were succeeding? How might people work together to secure improvement in all aspects of their work? What were they really trying to achieve?  How would they recognise success?  Dimitri worked tirelessly to develop the personal capabilities of the people who worked with him.  He was fascinated with the ways in which, as adults or children, in work or at play, in group settings or in personal lives – we learn how to progress from an intention to an outcome. His emphasis was on the need for constant and active questioning – both internally and through dialogue with others, at all stages of the journey from an initial purpose to its achievement.

More recently we see such themes being explored, for instance, in concept of design thinking, in organisational development and school improvement literature, in work on pedagogy and professional and personal development and in the practice of action research. this

The Comino Foundation recognises a need to continue to support the practical application of such ideas may be developed and applied. It engages with grantees in re-examining the usefulness of the ideas themselves and discovering how they may be best translated for use by young people in current contexts. These links provide insights into some of this work

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