Our History

The Comino Foundation is an Educational Trust. Its work is currently based in England, though it has links with work in other parts of the United Kingdom. Its aim is to support the achievements of groups and individuals within a prosperous and responsible society.

The late Demetrius Comino OBE established the Comino Foundation in 1971, with the help of his daughter, Anna. The Foundation’s specific purposes have developed from the Founder’s own thinking about achievement and from his direct practical experience in building up several successful businesses. These businesses were unusual in the extent to which they engaged people in thinking about what they were trying to achieve and how best to succeed.

The Foundation’s purposes have their roots in the Founder’s conviction that, by giving more explicit attention to the process of achieving what we set out to achieve, we are all able to become more effective achievers and so contribute to the well-being of our society.

Within contexts where social responsibility is actively being explored, the Foundation therefore seeks to promote the understanding of the process of achievement, so that through greater understanding of the nature of this process, people become:

  • more focused on achievement;
  • more attuned to achieving successful outcomes;
  • more capable of achieving what they set out to achieve;
  • more fully equipped to realise their own potential and to serve others.

The Foundation seeks to realise its vision through a range of activities designed to:

  • enable people to understand the process of achieving, within a framework of their personal and social responsibility;
  • support the development of people’s potential to work for the benefit of themselves and others;
  • encourage groups and individuals to work at building a prosperous and responsible society;
  • enable people to understand issues concerning the environment, particularly sustainability.

The booklet Demitrius Comino OBE – a life and legacy of achievement details his beliefs, what he achieved during his life and the work of the Comino Foundation, his legacy, over 40 years